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    Asterisk in relationship

    Thank you. I finally found it.

    Can anyone tell my why some relationships in Reunion 11 show up with an asterisk? For instance, I have some listed as 1C1R and others listed as 1C1R*. I never noticed this before. Any ideas what the asterisk means? Thank you. Michelle
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    The relationship of 1C1R* means that person is a child of your first cousin. (I.e., a cousin in the descendancy.)

    The asterisk is added for relationships in the descendancy.

    Additional information about ascendant and descendant cousins (and the use of asterisks) can be found in your manual by searching for "asterisk" or "ascendant descendant cousin." To access the manual, open your family file and choose Help -> Contents (or click on the "?" in the lower-left corner of the Reunion window).
    Deb Stuller
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