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To make a family history book

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    To make a family history book

    Is it possible to make a family history book in Reunion? If not - which program/ or external option do I use to make my book...

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    Stein Ole Kjaer

    Re: To make a family history book


    You have asked a great question. I wish there was a one size fits all answer. There isn't.

    First of all, Reunion is probably not the tool you want to use to produce a book that has a family history narrative. You will use Reunion in that process, but it will most likely be one of several apps you use.

    I think the first thing you need to do is decide what form you book will take. If it will be printed you might want to consider using They do print on demand books from PDFs you supply which most any word processor will produce. Then it's just a matter of deciding which app is right for you: Word, Pages, Mellel, Libre Office, etc. I wrote about my experiences publishing a book last with Lulu last year. You can read that at

    If you are going to be citing your sources then you need to find software for that which works with your word processor. Someone mentioned Zotero ( on here the other day. It seems to be good stuff.

    You should check out Edgar Dohmann's site. He has a page posted where he tells about a book he wrote for his family. It has some sample chapters available for download in PDF. The URL is:

    Also, a book you might find useful is "Producing a Quality Family History" by Patricia Law Hatcher.

    Dohmann's site and Hatcher's book were produced several years ago, but both have practical advice that still applies.

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