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People Setting Changes?

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    People Setting Changes?

    I am attempting to use PEOPLE to contain one surname names I wish to work with. When I go to one of the entries listed, the search entry in PEOPLE reverts to a prior entry thus causing me to have to reenter the search entry. I can work around this a couple ways; however, I do not think this 'feature' is the intent of the developer(s).

    I can put the search entry into my paste buffer; however, this takes that away from me for another activity such as adding data to multiple entries within the surname search results.

    I can use FIND to build a list; however, that is just one more unnecessary process step for me.

    Suggestions, please.

    Re: People Setting Changes???

    I'm not seeing this problem. Is anybody else?

    When I enter "brown, leroy" into the search box at the top of the People sidebar, and then click matches in the list (which shows the clicked person in the family view) the contents of the People sidebar do not change. And the text "brown, leroy" remains in the search box.

    Let me know if you're doing something different than I'm doing, or if I'm missing a step.
    Frank Leister
    Leister Productions Inc.