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Two sets of parents

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    Two sets of parents

    My 5G grandmother Anne Cotillart was born in about 1710 in Saint Carreuc, Cotes d'Armor, Brittany, France. My problem is that Cotillart was a very common surname in that town at that time (as incidentally was my own) and there are various possibilities, which I have narrowed down, in one way or another, to two.

    I would like some advice. How can I best enter two lots of parents for the same person? I would like them both in my family file, so that I can conveniently continue research along both lines, hoping one day to be able to identify the real one and erase the other. I suppose I could toss a coin, and enter one couple as being her parents and the other as unrelated - but is there a better way?

    Re: Two sets of parents

    Hi Michael,

    Another option would be to link the children to multiple parents/parent cards in the Family File: drag-and-drop them to each parent family card and, on the second one, you'll get a notice that they already have parents and be asked if you want to "Move" or "Duplicate"; selecting "Duplicate" will result in the same entry being linked to two different sets of parents.

    You can find more details on this by searching "multiple parent" (no quotes) in the manual and reading the entry on "Adding Multiple Sets of Parents".

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      Re: Two sets of parents

      I also created a custom child status called "Tentative Link" for these situations - not only when there are multiple contenders for the parents, but even when there is only one candidate couple, but the evidence is weak or conflicting. (Too bad there are no corresponding "Parent Status" tags.)

      The display color for Tentative Link is bright red, and I additionally post-process the web reports to make it bright red and italic on the web output (since child status colors are not carried over to the web reports.)

      See, e.g.:

      (Click on the name links for French Epperhart and Rector Epperhart and read their notes to see why the link is flagged as tentative.)


      To the css sheets, I added:

      color: #c00000;
      font-style: italic;

      After generating output, I use BBEdit to run a global Find/Replace to replace "(Tentative Link)" with:

      <span class="red_alert">(Tentative Link)</span>
      My Home Page:


        Re: Two sets of parents

        Thanks for advice. I'll follow it.