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Relationship Problem

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    Relationship Problem

    Here's the situation: My 4G Uncle married my 1C3R. This was his 3rd marriage which wouldn't be pertinent except the children of his other marriages are all listed as 1C4R. The ones from the marriage above are listed as 2C2R. So their relationship to me is being determined by the mother's (1C3R) rather than the father's (4G Uncle). Why? Is there any way I can change this? I'd prefer them all to be the same since I mark all 1C relationships as "close kin" and it seems confusing for their step-siblings to be so marked and they aren't. All I can guess is that Reunion sees 2C2R as a closer relationship than 1C4R and I don't.
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    Re: Relationship Problem

    That does seem weird, but I just did an experiment and got the same results. I would expect the cousin number to take precedence over the removedness number, but that seems to not be how the marking algorithm works.

    The only workaround I can think of is to temporarily detach your 1C3R, the wife, from the family card by putting her in the clipboard, so that there is no wife on the card, and recalculate relationships, then drag her back in from the clipboard as the mother of the children.

    Not a very satisfactory solution, since it would have to be redone each time you calculated relationships, and if you are constantly collecting more cousins (like I do) that is a frequent action.
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