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    relative URLs

    I have added a URL field to sources. How can I enter a relative URL into this field ?

    I have files with scans and transcripts of source documents. I want to have links to these files when I create the web cards. I want the links to work both when the cards are on my hard disk and when uploaded to my web site.

    It should be possible to have links on the sources page (wc_src.htm) that work both locally and on the web site. These files are located in folders alongside the report folder (with the web family cards). Links of the form ../scans/image.jpg would work. However, Reunion I can't find a way to make Reunion create relative links.

    I've tried entering ../scans/image.jpg into the URL field, this is transformed into the text ./scans/image.jpg but without any link. (Note one dot has been removed by the creation of the cards.)

    Entering .../scans/image.jpg becomes the text ../scans/image.jpg but without a link.

    Entering http://../scans/image.jpg becomes the text http://./scans/image.jpg and the same text as a link. Obviously, this link doesn't work.

    Entering http://.../scans/image.jpg becomes the text http://../scans/image.jpg and the same text as a link (that doesn't work).

    Entering an absolute URL like works. But the local copy of the cards gets the image from the web site (and isn't really local). Hence this link doesn't work when there's no Internet connection.

    Is there a way of entering URLs that will work both locally and from the web site ?

    Re: relative URLs

    I don't think there is any such capability, but I'd like one too.

    Maybe you could add this to the "Wish List" subforum?
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