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Problem with wp Web Cards creation

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    Problem with wp Web Cards creation

    I have a database with 129,000 persons that I publish with Reunion's Web Card and TNG.

    On a monthly basis, I usually request web cards creation with Sources, Pictures and Web Media Pages. On a MacBookPro (4mb 2.2 Ghz Dual Core under OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8), the process takes about 12 hours to create 194 wc, 190 wf, 269 wp , 269 wi folders (cumulative file size: 510 mb).

    Yesterday, I tried as a test to create web cards for a subset of SIX people (with one person having with 3 photos) and ended up with 2 MB of pi (1 picture), wc (6 pages) and 8 folders of wp (1300 pages) ....

    When I choose to create the 6 web cards with Pictures ONLY, I got 1 picture and 6 web cards only. Cumulative file size: 52K.

    Now the question:

    Why did Reunion create 1300 pages in 6 additional wp folders for people unrelated to the person with the 3 pictures.

    In the future, while knowing that only 1 picture will be published by person, I may decide to kill the web media pages option to avoid the unnecessary creation of these wp pages.
    Alain Farhi