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Merge acting strangely; corrupted file?

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    Merge acting strangely; corrupted file?

    I think my file has become corrupted and not sure what to do about it.

    I'm trying to merge two records; the names are the same; the birth years are the same, however, when I select Merge People and EITHER of the two names, the merge screen that comes up has the name of a third person, with a wholly different name and birth date. I quit, came back in, tried again. Same problem.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    (I have 13k people)

    Re: Merge acting strangely; corrupted file?

    Sheesh... I figured it out by accident. When I went into the Info for the file to find out how many records I have (to post to initial message here), I noticed that one person was marked. Typically, I only mark people when I'm about to delete them, so there should not have been any record marked. I then used the Search feature to find the marked record, and voila! There's my strange person who kept insisting on being merged. So somehow, that record got marked and I wasn't paying attention to the merge screen which must have been telling me to only look for marked people.

    New question: how does a record get marked without manually doing so?