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Publishing/printing family tree

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    Publishing/printing family tree

    I have recently come upon a rich resource of genealogic data for my wife and have entered it in Reunion 11. Is there any way of printing the family tree, not just a pedigree. I have added several hundred people to the database, but very few belong to the pedigree we are pursuing.

    Re: Publishing/printing family tree

    Are the new people blood relations to you in any way? If so, a relative chart starting with you should pull in most of the people.

    Another way to approach the issue is to go to the Islands sidebar. If you choose one of the more recently born people in each island, you should be able to make a separate relative chart for each island that in combination will capture most of the people in your family file. It can be a bit of an art to find each person that is related to the most people in an island, though.
    Tim Lundin
    Heartland Family Graphics