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    notes and multimedia

    Leister is so patient with users - we can find a hundred different ways to mess up their amazing program. Here is what happened this morning... I clicked on multi-media and the screen opens to the right. Then I clicked on the note field. My goal is to run down the list of clippings in the multi-media screen and index them in the note field. It's easy. The m-m field scrolls and I type in the notes. However... one of the clippings lacks a clear title and I click on it to read it. When I go back to my still open note field - it is empty - my indexing has vanished. I suppose I should click on "Done" before opening a m-m entry. But they both opened at once so why does one cancel out the other? Thank you. We are so fortunate to have a company that continues to care about their product and is willing to listen and work with their customers! Reunion Rocks!

    Re: notes and multimedia

    Thank you for the kind words.

    The issue you discovered was fixed in maintenance update 11.0.4, released today.

    Download it here.
    Frank Leister
    Leister Productions Inc.