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Uploading GED file to other websites (or not!)

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    Kurt Cowling, I can't help your problem for now. I experienced the same problem as yours (with finding and identifying yourself in a gedcom export/import) when trying to import a file into MyHeritage. If I figure it out I'll certainly advise. Thanks.


      If you are using Ancestry along with Reunion, there is really no need at all to download media and link items to Reunion entries. I only link portrait style photos to Reunion. As for the rest.....

      Open your wallet and purchase the Family Tree Maker application. Link it to your tree on Ancestry. Synch the FTM app and the Ancestry tree. Now you have a local copy of all of the media that has been attached to records in your Ancestry tree. Then synch regularly. Need to see a particular census sheet. Fire up FTM, locate the person and choose that census sheet from the media sidebar. I've been doing this for close to ten years. I find it totally satisfactory as really -- how often does one need to look at those items again?

      Advisory: I only use FTM as a storage medium where it does very well. The software is pretty clunky.
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