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    Seeking advice on how to best note in Reunion the shared match from ancestry.

    I have been copying the URL and pasting it in a field I have set aside in Reunion. The problem with this method ancestry links becomes the comparison of me and the target shared DNA individual. Is there any way of just identifying the URL to the specific individual who matches my shared DNA. The reason I ask is when I generate a book report I have the link displayed, it becomes a hot link. Where it is a comparison link between me and the individual I'm not sure if others who I share the book report with will have difficulty with the link as it is.

    IMac (macOS Mojave 10.14.2)
    Reunion 12

    When you go to the profile page that shows your large picture beside theirs with the chain-link symbol between, take the URL and remove the part beginning with "?compareToTestId=" and everything after that. You should be able to use the remaining first part of the URL. That's how I share URLs with other Ancestry subscribers when I want them to look at another profile.