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Cannot add a second spouse in Reunion 12.2

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    Cannot add a second spouse in Reunion 12.2

    I am not able to add a second spouse (to a person in my tree who got divorced a few years ago and is now remarried). I have been able to do this simply in the past, e.g., my grandparents both had multiple spouses. The help references say to just click on the red plus sign (+) above a persons name to add a spouse, however, when I click on the plus sign, it doesn't do's just dead...does nothing. Help please.

    This sounds like a problem with Ventura.

    Please see this thread…
    A note to Reunion 12 users considering upgrading to Apple's new Ventura operating system, macOS 13.0... Reunion 12 does not run properly under Apple's initial release of Ventura. It is possible that Apple will address the incompatibilities in a future Ventura update - however, this is not a certainty. Our advice to Reunion
    Gregg Witmer
    Leister Productions, Inc.