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Reunion 12 and Ventura

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    Reunion 12 and Ventura

    A note to Reunion 12 users considering upgrading to Apple's new Ventura operating system, macOS 13.0...

    Reunion 12 does not run properly under Apple's initial release of Ventura.

    It is possible that Apple will address the incompatibilities in a future Ventura update - however, this is not a certainty.

    Our advice to Reunion 12 users right now is to either upgrade to Reunion 13 (which runs fine on Ventura) or simply hold off on upgrading your Mac to Ventura for right now.

    Information about Reunion 13 can be found here...

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Gregg Witmer
    Leister Productions, Inc.

    I'm using Reunion 12.0 built 201114 and just updated my MacbookPro to Mac OS13 (Ventura)
    Since the software upgrade, I cannot add Children to a Family file. The drop down menu associated with Add children is not functioning.

    Is the problem I have, is one of the incompatibilities you are mentioning, will be resolved with Reunion 13 ?...

    Best regards,



      Hi Pierre,

      Is the problem I have, is one of the incompatibilities you are mentioning...
      Yes, the problem you're seeing is one of the problems Reunion 12 has on Ventura. This is not a problem with Reunion 13 on Ventura.
      Gregg Witmer
      Leister Productions, Inc.


        I'm running the latest Reunion 13 build on Ventura, and I see strange behavior in the text fields. I've found a few references to this on the web, but no explanation or solution. When I click into a text field, such as the Memo field associated with someone's Birth, the text in the field shifts a bit (a few pixels?) upwards and then goes back when I click outside the area. No lasting damage to the text; just jarring to see the text jump up and down like that. Is anyone else seeing this?


          Well at this point I'm waiting until Reunion 14 is released since 13 has been out for a while.


            Thanks, Gregg. I would add that non-level text edited in charts stopped working after Catalina in 12.
            Bradley Jansen
            OS 10.15.2 on a MacBook Pro using Reunion 12 and ReunionTouch 1.0.9


              Many thanks for this information Gregg. I have just purchased a new imac with Monterey and am being asked if I want to upgrade to Ventura. I'm using Reunion 12 and will stick with it for the time being.


                Carol: A curiosity question. In my nearly 80 years, I have only run across your last name one time. When I was growing up in Sacramento in the 1950's, our 3 doors down neighbors were Quirks. If memory serves, the kids names were Claudia, Ann and Jimmy. Relatives?
                Bob White, Mac Nut Since 1985, Reunion Nut Since 1991
                Jenanyan, Barnes, White, Duncan, Dunning, Luce, Hedge and more
                iMac/MacBookAir M1 - iPhonePro/iPadPro - Reunion13 & RT


                  When will you tweak Reunion 12 to be compatible with OS 13, Ventura? We should not have to depend upon Apple to do v.v.


                    Originally posted by jdres View Post
                    When will you tweak Reunion 12 to be compatible with OS 13, Ventura?
                    Since Reunion 12 is a legacy app, no further updates will be released to fix the compatibility issues between macOS Ventura and Reunion 12.

                    In case you're curious, Reunion 12 was supported through many different macOS upgrades. It went from a 32-bit app to a 64-bit app so it would run on macOS Catalina. (This took many months of coding.) A few updates were released to fix issues with the releases of macOS Big Sur and Monterey. Shortly after Reunion 13 was released, only one minor update was released to fix an issue in Reunion 12. Since that time, our focus has been moved solely to supporting Reunion 13.

                    Reunion 13 runs fine on macOS Ventura.

                    If you would like to check out Reunion 13, please see this web page...

                    A listing of new features added in Reunion 13 can be found here...

                    I'm sorry I don't have better news for you regarding Reunion 12.

                    However, I hope you find this information helpful in moving foward
                    Deb Stuller
                    Leister Productions Inc.