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Synchronizing Two Family Files

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    Synchronizing Two Family Files

    Currently using Reunion 11. Just realized I've been editing a copy of my family file for the last few months and not the master. It's not a lot of changes, but can't really remember was was changed at this point. Is there a way to synchronize the two family files?

    Before doing anything, I recommend make sure you have a backup copy of your family files. (This can be done by dragging them onto a flash drive, doing a Time Machine backup onto an external hard drive, or by opening each family file and choosing File - Save a Backup Copy.)

    Afterward, you may move forward by importing the one family file into the other family file and using Reunion's Match and Merge People feature to merge the duplicated records into one. Then, use that combined family file in moving forward. Information about how to import one Reunion family file into another and how to use Reunion's Match and Merge People feature can be found in your manual by searching for "import family file" and "match merge, respectively." To access the manual, open your family file and choose Help -> Contents.

    I hope you find this helpful in moving forward
    Deb Stuller
    Leister Productions Inc.