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My Family File No Longer Appears In DropBox

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    My Family File No Longer Appears In DropBox

    In the last few months, My Family File no longer appears in the DropBox menu items when I launch Reunion 11.0.10. (Not a problem with ReunionTouch.)

    I have to go to DropBox in my Apple Menu, open the folder and launch My Family File/Reunion from there.

    Is this a known bug?

    PS: While in the DropBox folder, I see individual files for each change I have made to My Family File. I strongly prefer this not be so, enough so I may be done with ReunionTouch.

    I'm not entirely certain I understand what you're seeing here -- I would recommend posting some screenshots of what you're seeing, or sending the screenshots via email to That should help me understand what's happening, and what steps you need to take.

    Details on how to take screenshots can be found here:

    Mark Harrison
    Leister Productions, Inc.


      Have been having very similar problem! Will be sending some screenshots also. PLUS a quick question: When I updated my family file from Reunion 12 to Reunion 13, is the newer file smaller than the older one ... like less MB?
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