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Sources Templates - What fields to add for a Funeral Card

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    Sources Templates - What fields to add for a Funeral Card

    Hi All --- I have many sources consisting of funeral information cards given out at the funerals. This is not to be confused with an obituary in a local newspaper or website.
    What do people recommend to use as fields in a funeral card type of source? I have been using the obituary template for this but I think I should re-think this approach.

    Thanks for any suggestions and thoughts.


    I'm not sure if people are not using this method to record sources - for me it is a way to record initial findings and also a way to remind me to do further research. As I think about this I would like to see a method to link a source to a research notes field. That would make this much easier to set this up.
    Thanks for any input on this.


      Here is what I have for Mass card which I think is the closest to what you want:
      Title (owner, edition, informant, interviewee/er, etc.)
      Person of Interest
      Repository (not for online sources)
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        There are a number of ways to approach this depending on what you want to include.

        Typically my citations for a funeral card handed to me at a funeral will include the following:
        Item, place, date; owner, address. Description and provenance.

        The citation will looks something like this:
        Funeral card for John Smith, Brooklyn, New York, citing services on 1 January 2001; privately held by Jane Doe, [address] Newark, New Jersey. This two-sided 2" x 3" card with John Smith's picture on one side and prayer on the back, was handed to the owner at John Smith's funeral.

        We might each have our own way of handling the citations and the fields we use to construct them.
        This is how I approach it: Title, Locality, Date. After the first semi-colon, I put the rest in the free-form field. Probably different from what other's do.

        In the end, do what works for you.​