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Originally Posted by Ev Horton View Post
I have three cemeteries that are close to each other and all are over a hour drive away. They also each have more that 100 relatives.

I have checked every name on every gravestone in each cemetery using my iPad.

With over 6000 photos Reunion Touch became too slow so I removed the photos and created flags to represent a photo I have on my hard drive.

BUT now i have found more relatives in each of the three cemeteries and wish to track down and photograph the new gravstones.

I want to be able to bookmark only the new required relatives needing photos and all three cemeteries during one drive.

Reunion Touch doesn't allow a search for the cemetery name AND the gravestone flag not set.
Reunion does BUT now how do I get that info to Reunion Touch because the bookmarks/marks do not transfer. Ok so I bookmark the people on Reunion Touch by viewing them on Reunion. Not bad but now I have people people from the three cemeteies all mixed together, a mess I found out.

Is there a better way?
Here's an off-beat idea: How about defining a new event field in your Reunion file? Call it Gravestone Photo. With an event field, you have a date, a location, and a memo. You can do whatever you'd like about the dates and the memos, but for the location (Place), you enter the name of the cemetery, a comma, and the notation PHOTO or NOPHOTO. Be consistent about it as you go through the entries you have already made, and allow auto-entry of place names. You can use the existing flag you created earlier to make this part of the job much easier by doing the search you described. Do not use these locations in any other place but the Gravestone Photo event field.

In Reunion Touch, when you go to the Places index, enter your cemetery and PHOTO or NOPHOTO entry "place" at the head of the list. You will receive back the list of persons you are looking for. If you want to change things in the field, you simply edit the person, and change the Gravestone Photo location from NOPHOTO to PHOTO.

I believe this workaround (and it's minimal work because you've already done the preparatory stuff) will give you exactly what you're looking for when you're out photographing and logging with Reunion Touch.

EDIT: One note from testing this: After you add the new field in Reunion, you'll need to reset sharing, which will force Reunion Touch to load the new structure for your family file. And one bonus: the list you see in Places on Reunion Touch will include HOW MANY photos have been taken and HOW MANY photos need to be taken for each cemetery, in the index headings that Reunion Touch automatically produces.

Hope this helps.
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