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Default Publishing a Family Genealogy Online

For the past few years I have been working on a genealogy of the Platt family, from the arrival of Richard and Mary Platt of Ware, Hertfordshire, in America in 1637, up to the present. I am now up to the 7th generation but still have a long way to go. I will be lucky to finish it if I reach age 100. I'm prepared to put it in Register format when eventually published.
A cousin has suggested that I put what I have done so far on a secure website, accessible via a password. As I make additions and corrections to what I already have, I could add them to the website. I'm not sure that password protection is really needed, but I'd like to explore that possibility.
Most cousins have expressed enthusiasm about doing it this way, although a few have said that they would like the genealogy in book form. This is fine with me, but getting a print version would be like a telephone book--becoming more and more obsolete as time passes. So, I'd like the possibility of downloading a print version.
Does anyone have any ideas where I could post such a genealogy?
Richard Platt
Milford, CT
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Default Re: Publishing a Family Genealogy Online

I do what your cousin has suggested and posted my site on a password protected site. Initially I had made it public but then got a few complaints from relatives. If you wanted to avoid publishing that is password protected you could just make sure that your site does not contain any living people.

You can do this on just about anywhere that provides hosting and domain name registration. I use GoDaddy.
Desiree Hendrickson
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