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Default How best to introduce a step-father?

I’m looking for some guidance as to how to incorporate one George Smith into my tree so as to best reflect his importance during my grandfather’s formative years. .

George Smith is in the 1880 US Census as a member of a household unrelated to any of our family. It appears George’s natural mother remarried. Her son, now a 25 year old member of that household, has kept the surname of (presumably) his natural father while reporting his status in his mother’s new family as “stepson.”

Thirteen years pass, and George becomes my great grandmother’s second husband. Her son, my grandfather, took George’s surname (Smith) rather than keep his natural father’s. In a passport application made at age 38, my grandfather reported his birthplace accurately but identified George Smith as his father. Since we’ve never heard about an adoption, I assume George became (and remained) my grandfather’s step-father -- a relationship that began when my grandfather was nine years old.

I see two choices: one is to introduce George at the point he married my great-grandmother in 1893 — let him “parachute” into the history. Of course, I could expand on this minimal approach via free-form notes.

I haven’t yet explored using an “island.” Is it possible to make George’s step-father’s family an Island and then link George Smith to my grandfather’s record? If that's possible, it would give this fellow a chance for us to develop a little more of his history -- should we wish to do so.

I welcome your comments and suggestions.
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