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Default Re: citing newspaper articles

And do you lump all* sources or are you judicious in what you decide to lump? I'm not sure I see a reason to lump vital records for example - but wondering about newspaper articles..
Desiree Hendrickson
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Default Re: citing newspaper articles

I think you have to decide what works for you, and it sounds like you are comfortable with lumping.

I am not a lumper. I attach images to all of my sources; one source per document. That means each page of the census gets a separate source UNLESS one of my families of interest is split between two pages. In that case, they both are part of the same source.

I also keep my one source going regarding newspaper articles. I guess it's more a one newspaper page per source, because in the rare event there are 2 articles of interest on the same page, they get attached to the same source.
Books are a little different. I frequently use yearbooks as sources, and keep only one source per yearbook, attaching all relevant photos to that source.

I'm like Michael in that I don't see a problem with many, many sources in my database. To me, it is much easier to find what I want that way.
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