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Default Re: Should I copyedit source notes?

Originally Posted by Blaise A. Darveaux View Post
Here is how I handle emails. After reading it and determining that there is useful information that I want to record in it, I print it as a PDF to my desktop. Then in Reunion I make a new source using Email as the source type. I enter the name of the sender, the date, etc. in the fields for the new source. I note the number of the source -- lets say it is 395 -- then I go to the desktop, rename the PDF "Src 395 - Name of sender" and drag this file to my folder titled "Digital Sources". Then I attach this file as a multimedia item to source 395 and close the source windows. Finally, I enter the data into Reunion using the number of the source to cite where I got the information making the original source document just a couple clicks away.
Well done, Blaise. This is a good process for the computer-savvy person who maintains the database using Reunion. But since I'm publishing a Reunion Book intended to be read by people in the Tree who won't have access to the Reunion program, I currently include the email text as a note which appears under the associated person's dates in the Book. My question is an ethical one: If I am attributing source information to an email message, can I paraphrase or copy edit that message in order to clean up the text that will be seen in the note?
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