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Default Re: Need to convert from Reunion 4.0

Originally Posted by kmcnamee

I am helping a friend's Dad install a new PC and he wanted to know if I could transfer his Reunion 4.0 files which he has been working on on his old Macintosh Powerbook 165c (1993). Sure enough I could export the data to a GEDCOM file and save it to a floppy.

However, the file format is pretty old and all of the Windows programs I have tried only support GEDCOM 5.5. I have not been able to find any programs that can do an upgrade from this old version of GEDCOM and, well, I do not own a MAC or Reunion myself.

So my question is can someone help me out with upgrading the GEDCOM file?

Any help is appreciated.

Kevin McNamee

I am not sure why you haven't received a response to your question yet (or perhaps you have, but not through ReunionTalk). Usually the ReunionTalk regulars are all over helping someone out in your position.

If you still need help, send your GEDCOM to me. I will try to import it using the current version of Reunion, then export it in 5.5 format, then send it back to you.

My email is bdarveaux"at"earthlink"dot"net

--Blaise A. Darveaux