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Default Re: Need to convert from Reunion 4.0

I am experiencing the same problem as kmcnamee! I have an older version of Reunion 4 for Windows, which worked great on my old computer, but over time the computer outgrew it's usefulness and I was forced to upgrade. The new PC does not have "A" drive, so therefore does not recognize the program, so after switching back and forth a few times, I was able to then GEDCOM my mega-thousand-name family tree file to a floppy, and then burn it to CD. However, the computer also only regonizes Gedcom 5.5 or higher. SO............. is there anyway I can upgrade the Gedcom on my old computer to produce a file that the new PC will recognize? Or what are my options?

Thanks in advance


Originally Posted by kmcnamee

I am helping a friend's Dad install a new PC and he wanted to know if I could transfer his Reunion 4.0 files which he has been working on on his old Macintosh Powerbook 165c (1993). Sure enough I could export the data to a GEDCOM file and save it to a floppy.

However, the file format is pretty old and all of the Windows programs I have tried only support GEDCOM 5.5. I have not been able to find any programs that can do an upgrade from this old version of GEDCOM and, well, I do not own a MAC or Reunion myself.

So my question is can someone help me out with upgrading the GEDCOM file?

Any help is appreciated.

Kevin McNamee