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Default Re: citing newspaper articles

Originally Posted by eventide View Post
Wondering why you think it more awkward than going through a bunch of sources? Since I already went down that path with Census and Book records, what's the wisdom behind attaching only one image to a source? I don't plan on changing all that now.
I am a "lumper." On the debate between either many sources vs. many images attached to a source, I vote for many images attached to a source, if for no other reason than I am constantly referencing my Source list, and I simply can't imagine having dozens of (for example) 1850, 1860, 1870, etc etc census sources clogging the list because each person's entry got their own source. I know how to sort my Source list, and how to search it, to find a source when I need it, but still, the idea of many duplicates of essentially the same source is way beyond my idea of a manageable list.

The multi-media pane in a Source, however, is a something I don't refer to quite as often, so having multiple images attached to it is not an issue for me. And that's because of how I name my image files. All of my images are identified by "Last First b### [type of record] Src##" and filed in a family surname folder. (b### stand for birth year if it's a repeated name within the family).

So, when I attached a file to its Source, I just drag it into alphabetical position in the Multimedia pane. And when I'm in that pane, I know who I'm looking for, so it's easy to scroll immediately to that person and double-click to open that image for him/her.

I suppose if you label your files differently, it might be more of an issue to have a great many images attached to a Source.
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