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Default Re: citing newspaper articles

Originally Posted by eventide View Post
I've been spending the last few months sourcing all my materials and so far have been 'lumping' most everything except vital records. Plus I am trying to keep things simple in case I have to do them all over again at a later date.

I am at the point where its time to start sourcing all my newspaper articles, largely found on and wonder if lumping is the right thing to do here. I am starting to lose sight of things so I'd like to see what others do.

I have close to 500 articles so I want to try and get it right

My really big question is - most of the articles are about one person- so does it pay to lump the sources? and my assumption is that if I do lump them together then the only info in the source is the Name of the Publication and a reference to
My way of doing this is to use the newspaper article as a specific source and use that source for everyone mentioned therein. However, in addition to citing the source I always use an image of the article in the multimedia for that source. In fact, I do that with every source I use, that way someone does not have to search out the original source material (unless they want to) to see where the information came from and how it was derived.

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