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    Sidebar problem

    I can no longer have a sidebar on the right or left of my iPad screen. It is full screen. Clicking on the icon in the upper left of the screen brings the list for changing the position. I clicked on the picture of the sidebar being on the left. The check mark appears but nothing happens. It stays on full screen. I tried swiping with my stylus and with my fingers but nothing happens. This is only for one family file. The other family file is okay. I tried closing the app completely. Waited a minute or so. Opened back up the app. Nothing happened. Help! I need the sidebar. I use it a lot!
    Kaye Mushalik
    -Muschalik (Poland), Stroop, Small (Ireland), Fitzsimons/Fitzsimmons (Ireland) Pessara/Pesaora/Pesarro/Pizarro (from Germany)
    -Dorrance, Eberstein, Bell
    -Late2015iMac27"Retina5K, MacOS10.14, iOS12.1, R12, Safari12.0

    It sounds like a setting in that family file has become damaged or invalid.

    Try deleting the family file from your iPad and downloading it again.
    Gregg Witmer
    Leister Productions, Inc.