A free maintenance update is available for ReunionTouch users (version 1.0.5).

To download the update on your device, tap App Store > Updates.

This update requires iOS version 9 or newer.


Note: If you haven't used ReunionTouch in a while, Dropbox may ask you to sign in (the first time you open the updated version). If this happens...

• The Welcome to ReunionTouch screen will say: “Not connected to Dropbox.”

• Tap “Connect to Dropbox.”

• If prompted, sign in to your Dropbox account. Then tap “Allow.”

• The “Welcome to ReunionTouch” window will appear and the message should say: “ReunionTouch is connected to Dropbox.”

• At this point you can open and continue working with your family file.


Note: If ReunionTouch doesn't appear in the list of "Available Updates," then you probably already have the latest update. To find out which version of ReunionTouch is currently installed on your device, follow these steps:

Open ReunionTouch
Open a family file
Tap the Tools icon (hammer)
Tap Get Info
The version will be shown in the last line.