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    Move a relative

    I just discovered that my great great aunt is really the spouse of my great great uncle not the other way around. In other words, my great great uncle is the direct line to my GGG grandparents, not my aunt. So, I need to move my GGG grandparents as his parents, not her's. How do I do that without messing things up?
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    Just in case something unexpected (unintentional) happens, I recommend saving a copy of your family file before doing anything. (I.e., open your family file and choose File -> Save a Backup Copy. Then, click Save.)

    Then, go to the family view showing your GGG grandparents at the top of the family view and open the Clipboard sidebar on the right. Next, drag one of your GGG grandparents into the Clipboard. (The other will follow along.) Finally, drag them from the Clipboard to the position above your GG grandfather and click "Add" when asked if you want to "Add your <GG grandfather> as a child of <your GGG grandparents>."

    This should solve the problem
    Deb Stuller
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