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    Reunion - Apple App Store

    I recently migrated to an Apple M1 desktop (Mac Mini). Migrating my data and re-installing Reunion (Reunion 12), I encountered '"Reunion 12" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information." To proceed, I had to override my iOS security settings.
    The questions: What is Reunion not available through the Apple App Store? Sure, the App Store takes a percentage of the sale price, but I would like to avoid overriding security going forward. I see that Reunion Touch is only available on the iOS App Store. Why not Reunion?

    SOP for Apple--over reacting to security; but I appreciate it and live with it.
    1) Apps are available for Macs in many places--free & paid. Reunion does not NEED Apple to promote their app!
    2) iOS apps are ONLY available through the App Store; period. ReunionTouch has no choice.
    I am NOT getting into debates on whether the above is good/bad/indifferent!
    rMBP, 15", 2.8GHz i7, 16G RAM, Reunion 12.0, iPhone 12 Pro Max, ReunionTouch


      Hi Bob,

      You're probably running an old build of Reunion 12.

      Back in September of 2019, we began releasing only builds of Reunion that have been notarized by Apple. Apple's app notarization will prevent the need to override your Mac's security settings when you first launch an app on your system.

      Please make sure that you're running the latest build of Reunion 12 or Reunion 13. To check for newer builds and upgrades, simply choose Help > Check for Updates from Reunion's main menubar.
      Gregg Witmer
      Leister Productions, Inc.