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Import single person GEDCOM into Reunion to update rather than add new person?

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  • David Kaplan
    Great info about the merge... yes somehow I found the 1 person extract from Family Tree Maker which works hand in glove with Ancestry, What I tried in a test file was put old person entry and new person entry on the clipboard and then replace with new person.,,. seems to have worked but I like your idea better... will give it a try.

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  • theKiwi
    Not sure how you export a single person from Ancestry - I thought you had to export all of them?

    The import of a single person GEDCOM file into Reunion would initially add a new person.

    If you think that it's a duplicate of someone else, then after the import you could do a 2 person match and merge to merge the incoming data into the existing person.

    Assuming you have to download your entire tree from Ancestry, then you could import that into a new empty Reunion file, and then in that file mark the person/people you want to move to your family file, and then import that new family file into your family file, importing ONLY the marked person/people. You'd still have to run Match and Merge afterwards.


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  • Import single person GEDCOM into Reunion to update rather than add new person?

    I've just started using a GEDCOM upload from Reunion to Ancestry to getall the hints to get new info for my genealogy. Problem now is there any way to export single people from Ancestry into Reunion, rather than wiping out a whole Reunion database which I don't want to do. Otherwise it's hand typing for sure. It's easy to export a person from Ancestry, but would the import add a new person, or is there some way to merge?