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What Field do you use to identify a church in a source?

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    What Field do you use to identify a church in a source?

    I have many sources that are church register books (baptisms, marriages, funerals, confirmations, burials, etc.) that are created & kept by the church(es) themselves. Since there is no Field in either Reunion or GEDCOM 5.5 for "Church" (or for that matter, similar entities such as synagogue, mosque, meeting, parish, etc. but curiously enough there is one for LDS Temple) ... what field do you use to identify the church in the Source?

    For example, in the Reunion source type "Church Record Book" the default fields are: Title, Library/Archive, Location of Source and Informant. The church where the register books reside isn't really a Library or Archive and the Location of Source field is unclear (perhaps it means place in the Library/Archive?)

    I suppose I could use the Library/Archive, Location of Source or Repository fields but none of them feels appropriate. I know I could even create my own _CHURCH field ... but I'm reluctant to get into messing with user-defined GEDCOM fields.

    What do you do?

    I have made new template(s) for some of my sources, such as Parish Register extract, bapt. record, marriage certificate.
    To make new ones, go to Source Prefs>add template (of your choice)>go to fileds and add in what you would like to see.
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