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Upgrades, Updates, and Builds

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    Upgrades, Updates, and Builds

    The Key Point...

    We have simplified the process of determining if you have the latest update of Reunion 12.

    Just open your family file and, from the menu at the top, choose Help > Check for Updates.

    The window that appears will let you know if you've got the latest update installed.

    If a newer update has been released, a link will take you to a page where you simply download the latest version of the Reunion 12 app and then replace your existing Reunion 12 app.

    The History...

    Upgrades are major revisions. Like Reunion 12, Reunion 11, Reunion 10, etc. This is still true.

    In the past, Updates which typically included minor fixes and changes used the 3-digit model, like 11.0.6, 11.0.7 etc. Moving forward, you won't see the 3-digit number change very frequently; it will only happen to designate more significant revisions.

    We have also, sparingly, used build numbers for small revisions that happened in-between updates.

    With Reunion 12, we will upload a new update of Reunion 12 when something changes; each revision will have a different build number. But we will no longer change the 3-digit number (as a matter of course). This will enable us to respond faster when changes are implemented.

    The good news is that you don't need to be concerned with build numbers or update numbers.

    All you need to do is use the Help > Check for Updates menu feature.

    Reunion 12 will automatically check for updates at an interval you may change, if you prefer. (There's a button at the bottom of the window that appears when checking for updates.)
    Frank Leister
    Leister Productions Inc.