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Charts with locations and year

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    Charts with locations and year

    For the life of me I can't figure out if there is a way to make a chart that lists the year of an event (BMD) and the location. I do not want the exact date (day and month) listed.

    I can only make it look like:

    James Joseph Ardiff (1899 - 1979)
    & Susan O

    Re: Charts with locations and year

    Reunion charting is flexible, but that's a little beyond its capability to do automatically.

    It may be that you need to create a separate "Birth Year and Place" event and "Death Year and Place" event, and then manually populate them with year and place. You can then include them in your chart in place of the Birth and Death events. This might be a lot of work, but this will get the data you want without tampering with the full event data.

    A bit more complicated, but possibly a little less work would be to do this:

    - Create the new fields.

    - Make two backup copies of your family file (perhaps Test 1 and Test 2)

    - Open Test 2, go to Reunion Field Preferences and Move all data from Birth to Birth Year and Place and from Death to Death Year and Place. Then close the file.

    - Open Test 1, and then go to File->Import->Family File, and import all people from Test 2.

    - Go to File->Match and Merge, and match and merge all people to all people, with Name and Dates as the criteria.

    - Merge all high probability matches and click the save button.

    Now you should have a family file (Test 1) with the birth/death events populated with data and the new fields you made populated with the same data. You'll still need to go to your new fields and manually delete all the day and month information, but once it's done it will be simpler to maintain them. If the final Test 1 file works out to be clean enough after the merge, it can become your new primary file.

    Again, it might be too much work, but if the chart layout you're looking for is extremely important, it might be worth the effort.
    Tim Lundin
    Heartland Family Graphics