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Moving family trees from 8 to 10

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    Moving family trees from 8 to 10

    I have had my hard drive split and I have Reunion 8 on the old section and 10 on the new. I have several family trees I would like to move from 8 to 10. I already have my main tree on the new section but there are a few trees I would like to save to 10 before I get a new computer. How do I do this?

    Re: Moving family trees from 8 to 10

    The proper name is partitions not sections. By splitting your hard drive into two partitions, you now have two volumes instead of one. Just for clarification, items such as DVD's, USB drives, etc., are also volumes.

    OK. You can simply drag a file from volume to volume. So drag your v.8 files to the "new" partition. (That copies them over; the original remains on the "old" partition.) Open the v.8 file with the v.10 Reunion app. Reunion will take care of everything for you.

    (Hint: If you are not familiar with going volume to volume... Open the Finder Preferences; under General, make sure Hard Disks is checked. This causes icons for both partitions to display on the Desktop.)
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