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Need advice from French genealogists on jurisdictions in Alsace

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    Need advice from French genealogists on jurisdictions in Alsace

    I have multiple ancestral lines from Alsace which is now French. As we all know, Alsace (along with Lorraine and parts of Moselle) bounced back and forth jurisdictionally between France and what became Germany. I am trying to make my locations in Reunion as accurate as I can make them. I would appreciate it if someone who is French (or, I suppose, German) would confirm (or correct) these jurisdictions:

    1648 – most of Alsace is part of France (Treaty of Westphalia)
    1674 – rest of Alsace is annexed into France
    1789 – split into Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin
    1871 – annexed into German Empire – named “Imperial territory of Alsace-Lorraine”
    June 1919 – ceded to France (Treaty of Versailles)
    1940 – occupied by Germany as Gau Baden–Alsace
    1945 - returned to France
    2014 - became part of Grand Est, France

    Is this accurate, or have I missed some changes in jurisdiction?

    Pretty accurate, the last move (to the Grand Est Region) is not so important compare to the other one



      Thank you, Bruno! I appreciate the reassurance.