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Child born out of wedlock and adopted

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    Child born out of wedlock and adopted

    I have an ancestor who had a child with a man she was not married to. That man and his wife adopted that daughter. I have the daughter's name entered but can't figure out how to properly record the father (and his wife). This is documented by contemporary records. Thanks, in advance, for your help!

    Assuming you are starting with a family card with your ancestor and her daughter:
    Add the father to the card, open the marriage button and swipe up, selecting "Unmarried".
    On the father's button, click the Plus sign above the name and select Add New Spouse. This creates a new Family Card for the father and wife.
    On that Family Card, click the Plus Children button and select Add Female Child from Sidebar. This opens the sidebar with a list that should have the daughter. Drag the daughter to the child area. Reunion will ask if you want to move the daughter or duplicate the daughter in both families. Select Duplicate. Change the Child Status in that Family Card to Adopted or Step.