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Geoff Tani
03 March 2006, 09:20 PM
May I ask for some help with Sources? I want to import ONLY a set of sources into Reunion and export ONLY sources out of Reunion, with relative ease. Specifically, I want to be able move a set of sources back and forth between Reunion and a FileMaker database. Is this possible?

It's convenient for me to use FileMaker as my main repository of sources, because in FM I can store images (or the file versions) of document sources; I can enter information in non-western languages (like Japanese); I can auto-enter and auto-replace data; and I can customize the layout of information about the sources. I cannot do these things in Reunion.

My understanding of Sources in Reunion is as follows:
1. The only way to import Sources into Reunion is from a GEDCOM file or another Reunion file.
2. In both cases, you not only get the sources, but you must also import the people and the citations (links connecting, for example, person's birth date and the source for that birth date).
3. In other words, there is no way to import ONLY a set of sources into Reunion.
4. The same limitations apply to exporting sources. In other words, the only way to export your Reunion Sources is to export a GEDCOM file, filled with people. You cannot export ONLY your Reunion Sources.
5. You can create a Report of the Source List, but the sources are not delineated (for example, TAB separated) to allow for easy import into a database.
6. In Reunion, there is no way to dynamically link to a source that is outside of Reunion. For example, I have a FileMaker database of sources with unique record IDs. I assume that in a birth date field in a Reunion record there is no way to create a citation pointing to a record in the FM database (except to manually enter the record ID).

Is my understanding above correct?

Exporting from Reunion to GEDCOM does not seem like a good option for me, because I assume that I will not get unused sources. Importing from GEDCOM to Reunion doesn't work either, because there is no way that I know of to get data out of FileMaker in GEDCOM format.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tom Robinson
08 March 2006, 01:21 AM
Why do you need to transfer the data between the two?

Could it be managed by leaving the data in FM, and just having placeholder sources in Reunion? Then if you need the sources (say) in a Register report, just generate that part of the report from within FM.

i.e. In Reunion a source would be empty but present. In FM the key would be the source ID.

With a bit of work you'd be able to get sources from Reunion to FM, but I can't see how you'd get them the other way.

To get them from Reunion to FM, I would:

1. Go into Options -> Define Source Types and set 'Include Label Prefix in Endnotes' for all the source types.
2. Go into sources and do a Report this Source List, save as text
3. The resulting text file could then be parsed: Check the first string for 'death cert', etc., and you'll know how many comma-delimited fields you should be parsing.


Export a GEDCOM and parse the source fields. Harder work, but could be more accurate.

If it's not urgent, I'd also wait until v9

Geoff Tani
12 March 2006, 10:15 AM
[QUOTE=Tom Robinson]If it's not urgent, I'd also wait until v9