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30 December 2005, 12:18 AM
I want to export my Tree from Reunion 8 to world connect ,Is there anything I should be aware of before doing so? As I have said in my last post's I am a Newbie.Patricia

30 December 2005, 06:11 PM
I want to export my Tree from Reunion 8 to world connect ,Is there anything I should be aware of before doing so? As I have said in my last post's I am a Newbie.PatriciaPatricia,

I have done what you plan on doing several times. First you need to Export a GEDCOM from Reunion, for upload to World Connect. HOWEVER, I suggest strongly that you use the Advanced Login from World Connect so that you can set more options to apply to the upload. The options are explained by the World Connect page.

For example, you can choose to not allow GEDCOM downloads, or allow partials. You can also choose to not display any information on living individuals (in a cleaner way than Reunion). In fact, I don't even bother to use the living privacy filter from Reunion when I do the upload, as the one from World Connect is better.

My upload can be found at:

- Peter

05 January 2006, 11:03 PM
I want to export my Tree from Reunion 8 to world connect ,Is there anything I should be aware of before doing so? As I have said in my last post's I am a Newbie.PatriciaPatricia,
I agree with all of Peter's points. In addition, you will find that people take down your information, which is fair enough, and use it in their own subsequent postings to WorldConnect, message boards, web sites, etc. WITHOUT any mention of you as the source. This is bad enough as an insult to you who worked on the data. But it also eliminates the value of the information since it is no longer sourced to anything a later researcher might want to check. (Remember the maxim that data without sources is no better than fiction.)

Also, as a newbie you will find that your own future research will turn up more information that may cause you to change dates, places, relationships, spellings, etc. Once someone else has copied and passed along your old data, it has a life of its own that you can't correct.

Finally, there are people out there who are blindly sucking up names like a vacuum cleaner simply in order to boast of a data base with xx thousand names.

Many experienced genealogists do NOT post their data to web sites for these reasons. I still do, though I've found my data exploited all the ways mentioned above.

If you DO post your info, you should as a minimum use the filter to protect living people and disable the option that allows GEDCOM downloads. (Anyone who seriously wants to incorporate your information in their own research can copy/type it manually as they would with a written source.

Lee Irwin
Falls Church, VA

Bob Goode
06 January 2006, 01:35 AM
I agree with both the previous two posts. I also have a World Connect site.

In addition to disabling the download gedcom option, I do not post sources. Rather, I requested that indiividuals contact me. This allows me to ascertain whether the person is willing to share information.

I am mainly interest in main branches of my family tree, therefore Lee Irwin has a valid point concerning the individuals trolling for surnames so they can brag that their tree has xx thousands of names. Most of these names are undocumented and little help to others who desire accurate family information.

One other benifit to posting to World Connect is people may find errors in your research. I just removed one line from a great uncle because a researcher informed me of two individuals by the same name and I had the incorrect one.

I also was contacted by an individual who helped me with a "brick wall".
As a result of the World Connect site, documentation was provided which added several generations to my family research.

By having your information on World Connect you also have the ability to access your information from any computer. If you are visiting a relative or at a library, you have access to your database.

Ask yourself, "what do I hope to accomplish by sharing information on the internet?" And then decide the manner in which you post your information.


06 January 2006, 07:22 PM
Just to add a slightly different philosophy or thought to the advice to a newbie...

I absolutely agree that once data is posted, it may end up anywhere, and thus you should certainly make sure you have no living people in your data. (WorldConnect and Reunion have automatic ways of doing this - you can also unmark live people yourself before exporting a gedcom).

However, my philosophy is that sources (and notes, though I feel less strongly about that) should absolutely be included. It is extremely helpful to those looking at your information - not only can they then evaluate your data better, they can evaluate the quality of your research (i.e. that you're not one of those who collects names - or maybe that you are), and they can go after the source themselves if they want. I won't claim that the sources will necessarily follow your data around the internet - but you shouldn't make it impossible for them to.

I'm always sorry to see people on this board who say they've done too much work to include their sources. I'm sure there are many more good researchers out there who keep all their valuable sources and notes to themselves. But unless you share it, you're indistinguishable (to me, looking at a tree online) from people who know nothing but what they stole from you. I can't find you, I can't help you, and I can't learn from you.

And on a non-flogging-my-pet-peeve, slighly related note, keep in mind how much you want to correspond with people based on your tree. If you put up everything and say that that's it, you'll get fewer contacts (I mostly get those with a serious research interest, or at least enough to want a gedcom bad enough to email). Are you interested in corresponding about the "lesser" branches of your tree? Do you want to answer lots of emails with "sorry, nothing more about that person"? Either way, think about pruning your tree appropriately and/or adding a note in the WorldConnect header.