View Full Version : Spellchecking reports: source references and "ca""

04 November 2005, 10:09 PM
When I create a report (like an Ahnentafel) with lots of references to sources, the report puts the source reference directly after the name/date/etc. For example "Irwin200" or "Michigan250". When I spellcheck, all such entries come up as misspellings. I can always tell the spellchecker to "skip" the entry, but in a report of several hundred such entries, it's inconvenient.

A similar problem occurs with dates that I have entered using "ca". These come up in the reports as, for example, "ca1850". These entries are also treated by spellcheck as misspellings.

Is there a workaround? Or could I use different settings in creating a report?

If not, I could post this message under the Wish List.

Lee James Irwin
Falls Church, VA