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Al Poulin
22 October 2005, 12:42 PM
After watching my wife use Reunion since v3 on a Mac LC, I have finally begun to use Reunion, v8.06 under OS X 10.3.7 on our G4 QuickSilver. I am thrilled that using Reunion is slick! Although I contributed routinely to ReunionTalk in its pre-web days on questions about Macintosh, this is my first post about using Reunion itself.

My immediate objective is to use a hard copy Pedigree chart to guide microfilm research activity at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, next month. I want a selection of one and two character codes to appear on the pedigree chart. I am entering data, perhaps taking up 200-300 family cards, from marriage "dictionaries" of French Canadian records. With the codes, I would be able to focus on which microfilm images to seek to verify the secondary data from the dictionaries.

With my codes in the Edit Family Marriage Memo fields, it appears from reading the Manual: Report Layouts that I should be able to print the codes. The manual shows a check box option in Event Format to "Include Memo Field." Yet this option does not appear in Reunion 8.06 for Pedigree chart. Is this a feature that I can activate?

This feature is available and works for Ahnentafel reports. My codes print out at the end of the related narrative. But the format is not very user friendly. They also print in the Register report.

In answer to a similar query pertaining to Pedigree charts, "Charting dates without locations,"on 12 Aug 2005, David G. Kanter recommended putting data in the Event Memo field, and added: "That, too, can help eliminate very-long Place data on a Chart, yet allow you to show everything in a Report by enabling the "Include Memos for Events" option in the Report Layout."

Add codes to the Edit Family Marriage Place field, but one cannot selectively turn this off.

Make myself accommodate using the Ahnentafel or Register formats.

Anything else?

Many thanks for all the expert help available in this forum.

22 October 2005, 01:07 PM
Hi Al -

I don't think you can include the memo field in a pedigree chart. If you have a limited number of codes, you might consider setting up flags for them--these could be included in a chart.

Al Poulin
24 October 2005, 05:13 PM
Hello Tim:

Thank you. This does what I need.

It took me going to the Manual on "Flags" a couple times before I could grasp the concept, simple as it is. I just had to change my thinking from executing my codes in the Edit Family Marriage Memo field to putting them into the Edit Person. Guess I'll just pick the husband's flag field for this and adjust with an extra Note to correct the flag's meaning when a husband appears on another family card for a second/third spouse.

Thanks again,