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Darla Broberg
22 October 2005, 12:38 PM
I just printed out a FGS for a family, and all the source citations are wrong. When I look at it on the screen (either the data or the report), the info is correct. But when I print the document, the sources are 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, etc. The text descriptions of the sources are correct, but all the numbers are wrong.

I've tried other couples / families and it does the same thing for all of them.

Please help!

22 October 2005, 01:29 PM
Nothing to worry about. Let me clarify with a sample.

When you look for a special book in library A in Amsterdam, the book is sorted in another way compared with library B in Berlin, but it is still the same book. The number to find this book is completely different.
Exact the same with you source citatation.
The source citations you have, are numbered different from another person, who used exact the same source citations, depending on the moment you found a source and the sequence they are entered in the database.

In Reunion you have the possibility to use the source citation number as used in Reunion (and that is the sequence of the entering) and renumber the citation numbers.
It looks very odd in a report to start with a person that have citation nr 453 and the next person in the report nr3 en the next 761. So Reunion has a VERY GOOD tool: 'Renumber Citations and Endnotes.

When this item is checked (Report Options -> Sources -> Renumber Citations), your reports with citations looks much better: start with the source person and then in a logical sequence the numbers of the citations, starting with 1, then 2 etc.

So when this item is checked and youy made several reports (example your grandfather and after that a report from your 5G grandfather), the number of citation can be different although it is EXACT the same source.

In your report the source citations are not wrong, you forced Reunion to renumber the sources.
Look at the settings in Report Options
The Manual with Sources in Reports give you a good explanation and look at the Pros and Cons in te samples to clarify.
Renumbering of the citationnumbers is one of the VERY GOOD options in Reunion (and there are lots).