View Full Version : Transferring Files using Terminal

Christine Doyle
26 September 2005, 06:23 PM
Having searched the forums and the old digests, and not found the answer, I thought I'd post it here.

My original hard drive is crashing. I am able to access it only via Terminal, and have been manually copying files over to my new hard drive.

I copied (cp command) my Reunion data file to the new drive. The icon was blank, although if I showed Info, it said it was a Reunion 8 file. I tried to "open with" but Reunion 8 was grayed out. I opened Reunion and tried to open the file, but the file was grayed out.

I realized that the resource fork was not being transferred. So, then I used the ditto command.
ditto --rsrcFork source_name path/to/my/destination_name
I made a temporary folder, ran this command, and was promptly able to reopen my data file.

Hope this saves someone else a few hairs and hours.