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25 August 2005, 04:17 PM
Although. I have been a user of reunion for a long, long time I am new to reunion talk. With this experience I thought I knew all about Reunion, but after reading the posts in the forum, I am humbled by the knowledge shown by the members and hope you guys can help me. I have plowed through most of the postings but failed to find comments about my problem even though I am sure many of you must have previously encountered the same probelem with Reunion reports.

I have several large family files containing hundreds of citations/notes that I would like to prepare for publication (parts as a family history, parts as surname genealogies and parts as academic genealogy articles). To begin the process, I created a 'register report' in RTF format in MS Word for the intended purpose of editing. However, I find that the citations/notes/text in the report and index are no longer linked. Apparently the Reunion imbeded codes for these elements are lost in the generation of the report and I am faced with a much more tedious chore of editing than I had anticipated. Other than manually creating the needed linkages using the MS Word procedure, can some one advise me of a better way of accomplishing this task? Alternatively, is there other software available that I should be looking at?

hw: iMac sw: OS 10.2.8; Reunion 8.03; MS Word 10.1.4

25 August 2005, 06:08 PM
It is not clear what you mean by links are lost in the report.

But if you mean that the reports no longer have the same number for the same source, it means you have checked the box in Options - Reports - Sources to renumber sources in each report. With that box checked, when each report is made, the source numbers you see in your Reunion family card are not used; rather the sources in the report are started with 1, and go to whatever. Different reports which use a different set of sources can/probably will have a different number for the same source, not a good idea when combining reports into something bigger. For that reason I always leave that box unchecked. thus my reports do ot have consecutive numbering for sources, but at least #8 is always 1910 census.

If you mean that some notes or facts are not included, then when you create a report, you need to go to Layout - Define Layouts and check or uncheck which items you want to include in your report. Note that you can pre-define many different layouts to include a wide variety of info - from all to hardly anything.

David G. Kanter
25 August 2005, 06:15 PM
The reply post by MabryBenson was submitted while I was drafting mine, but I believe the points we make are complementary.