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14 August 2005, 07:27 PM
Although I have deleted some text in boxes on a chart, the boxes are sometimes twice as wide as I need, i.e., they have not resized to fit the text as the manual suggests. I need to make the chart as compact as possible.

Pleased if someone can help. I can easily resize text boxes in Inspiration by grabbing the corner, but there is too much information to retype as I have a deadline for my thesis.


Rae Luckie

David G. Kanter
14 August 2005, 07:42 PM
Although I have deleted some text in boxes on a chart, the boxes are sometimes twice as wide as I need, i.e., they have not resized to fit the text as the manual suggests. Haven't heard of that being a common issue. Perhaps another reader can offer help with what you've posted, but it would help me focus some suggestions if I knew:
(1) Which type of chart is causing the problem.
(2) Which orientation and, if applicable, what "Trim Boxes" options have you chosen (Tree->Orientation).
(3) Which version of Reunion you are using and under which operating system.

15 August 2005, 04:18 AM
Hello David
Thanks for your reply. It is a descendant chart. Top to bottom waterfall. Reunion 8.6 and MAC 10.2.8. I've found that if I select then change font size it reverts to a smaller size, but seems to go back to original size with extra space to the right when I do something else. (i.e., I can't find a reason that the boxes change size).

Also if I copy into Inspiration, the chart becomes a single object (I thought I might have been able to fiddle with it there).

I've done a lot of work on the chart, and also wondered if the chart is square corner rectangles throughout can it be changed to round corners 'after' it has been done?

Many thanks again for your help.

Rae Luckie

15 August 2005, 05:24 AM
The size of the boxes in a descendant chart are fit to the content, unless [as David Kanter already suggested, (2)], that the Trim boxes (in the window Orientation) is not set properly; for proper box resizing to the content, set it on 'Each'. (See the Manual Chapter Tree Charts or simple type Trimming boxes in 'Search the Manual'.

Your second question (I know nothing about the programm Inspiration, (is this a kind of object/vector drawing programm ?), look for more information in the chapter Chart files, 'How charts appear when pasted into other programs'.
Might be the objects must be ungrouped after pasting in this programm?

You can set or change the corners of the chart, just click on it and all the tools you need are at you left hand.

15 August 2005, 11:33 AM
The top to bottom part of the chart should have all the boxes tailored in size to the content.

The waterfall part probably is sizing boxes to the widest box in the generation, as suggested by Frans and David. If you want to keep all the box widths in a generation equal, but narrower, you can actually edit the text in the box that is forcing all the boxes to be wide by dividing long lines into two. When the key box or two is narrowed, all the others should follow. If you trim the boxes by Each, you may still have that one wide box to deal with.

Remember to go to Tree-->Orientation and redraw the chart after you've done the editing in order to take advantage of the extra space you've gained.

15 August 2005, 11:49 PM
Thanks to you all

What a helpful group! Amazing to get help from such a responsive 'global' community. I haven't used the program much, and had to get some charts done in a hurry to meet a thesis deadline, so this has been extremely help.

Thanks once again.

Rae Luckie

15 August 2005, 11:55 PM
Hello Frans

Forgot to mention about Inspiration. It's a great program, actually a 'mind mapping' program that can also be used for outlining, organisation charts etc...

Kind regards

Rae Luckie