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ML Hollister
14 October 2009, 12:14 PM
There have been some posts on zotero. I've started using it in just the last couple of days to keep track of all the interesting research items I find on the web and have stored on my hard drive. It's like iTunes in that you can store materials in YOUR collection by subject etc , create notes about your items and search by any criteria. If the item is on the web, zotero grabs the info for a bibliography. If it's on your hd, fill in the blanks for a bibliography. If I find an item and want to read it another day, I can tag it Future and give it a priority level and put it in a folder. I can tag or store items by location -- example: books and journal articles by location (library) with the call number at my finger tips. This is a significantly powerful tool to anyone wanting to keep their research organized. It's like slicing bread; a better mousetrap; pig heaven...


It does much more ... like creating a bibliography based on 100s of styles you select or change to. It is well worth investing in learning to use and it's FREE (you do need firefox mozilla). It is easy to use too. (unpaid advertisement). I just discovered that you can highlight text and add notes to the pages you've placed into your library.

John Yates
15 October 2009, 01:39 AM

When I discovered it, I thought it would be the solution to doing "Evidence Style" (ESM) source referencing. As I studied it, I found that this was impossible with the user (actually the developer) definable templates in their data model. I would have had to recode part of their core code (it is open source, so this could be done) to handle an ESM data model. Not something I wanted to do. They are being very restrictive with the data model to prevent, if they can, "bad" sourcing. I think that some day it will evolve to handle an "Evidence Style", but not today, nor soon, from what I've been seeing on their developer list.

Don't get me wrong though, it is very useful for what it does do today.

Peter Murray
25 September 2014, 03:03 AM

While this is an old thread, I recently discovered zotero - albeit late and was trying to integrate zotero with reunion.
FYI I'm having great success with zotero.
Just in case anyone else searches for zotero I thought I would post a later dated link (late 2012) that I found useful. They have discussion on ESM and Elizabeth Shown Mills is involved

It's worth checking out the embedded links in the above article.

If only there was a seamless way of importing zotero's items metadata into reunion and create new sources.