View Full Version : Looking for an ancestor, Brooklyn 1860s

John Armer
31 August 2009, 01:22 PM

I am based in the Lancaster, UK. My ancestor Palmer Robinson was born in Maryport, UK in 1846. For sometime I tried to track him down but he disappeared after the UK 1861 census. I then found his parents' MI and he is mentioned on it:

Also Palmer their only son who entered into rest at Brooklyn, USA April 15th 1869 in his 21st year.

I had never thought that he emigrated. I checked the New York passenger lists, and found him entering New York in November 1866, however I have had no luck trying to trace him after that. There is a discrepancy in his age at the time of death based on the MI - I am guessing that it was a mistake since it was not erected until about 40 years after he died. I contacted NYC municipal archives who searched the years 1866-1869 for me and Palmer was not found.

My question is - can I find out what happened to him? Any other tips from US researchers that might help me find out what happened to him?

Many thanks