View Full Version : Where did 2005 go??

Vernette Godfrey
09 August 2005, 11:03 PM
While trying to add the pertinent facts and a picture of a recent addition to the family tree, the birth being May 20, 2005, the birth date (not matter how I enter it!) comes out finished as "20 May 20". I have tried entering it every which way possible and it doesn't want to say "20 May 2005". I had to solve it by using a custom date of "20 May '05". Another child born in July works fine. Is it the combination of the numbers 5-20-05 that is causing the problem?

Really curious.


Barely got above posted, and I had an answer!! I only had to enlarge the Family Page, and the date appeared magically!! A gentleman from back East called me and helped me sort it out. Thank you so much (and hope the Red Sox's win for you!!) - I appreciate your kindness.