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26 July 2005, 07:28 PM
A few weeks ago it was discovered that my great grandfather was the son of a different family than had been thought.

I successfully moved him from the family he was in and placed him in his correct family. (Used the method outlined by Leister using the clipboard)

All seemed to work well. A descendent chart shows the correct data. But when I look at the family card for the family that formerly contained my great grandfather as a son - the father of this family is still identified on the card as being my great great grandfather.

The family card on which my great grandfather now appears as a son does not show the father of this family as having any relationship to me.

Since the descendent chart shows the data correctly, is this anything to be concerned about? Will Reunion eventually recalculate the relationships?

Or is there something I need to do to correct the label that shows on the family card?

Thanks to anyone who can help.


26 July 2005, 08:20 PM
You have to ask Reunion to do relationships. It is not automatic.

Go to Find--> Relatives or List--> Relatives