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25 July 2005, 05:47 PM
In reunion's web options for reports there is a check box where you can have Reunion generate a gendex.txt file when it generates web cards. This file could be uploaded to www.gendex.com and your data be indexed with other family genealogy web sites.

I went to www.gendex.com the other day to look something up and I was taken to an imaging company of that name. Does anyone know what happened to the genealogy service that used to have this URL? Is it still online at a new address?

Al mitchell
26 July 2005, 08:31 PM
It appears that the original Gendex site shut down over a year ago based on the following post:

March 21, 2004
GENDEX Going Offline
According to an announcement on its Web site, GENDEX -- a surname search database operating since March 1996 -- will be terminating its genealogy operations on April 22, 2004. Credit goes to Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter for the head's up.

Maybe this link page can be of help:


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